Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ella is The Best

I'm pretty sure no one looks at this blog anymore. I had a bit of a hiatus from this blog when Abby was first born and I think it was fatal. But now I'm back to posting adorable pet pictures! And to entice you to occasionally look here, I'm posting some adorable pet photos WITH Abby in them.

On to the topic of this post: Ella. Surprisingly, she has turned out to be the best baby dog ever (besides Enzo). I say surprisingly because initially, she was really jumpy around Abby and didn't seem to want her within a foot. I guess she got over that, although I'm not entirely sure when. These days, Abby can climb all over Ella without Ella even twitching. Abby can feed Ella table scraps, and then reclaim them from her mouth when she changes her mind. Abby can clutch Ella's scruff fur so hard that she comes away with clumps (don't worry, Ella is shedding, I'm sure Abby isn't doing that much damage) and Ella won't even look her direction. Here are some recent photos of the two of them.

Ella gets a hug.