Monday, September 29, 2008


This weekend Rachel, Heather and I accompanied Tory and Mike to the Detroit Zoo which was hosting a Pet Adoption Event. Basically, all the rescues in Michigan gathered together their animals and set up camp outside the entrance to the zoo. There were so many adorable animals up for adoption. I managed to come away without adopting anything and only got tears in my eyes once (pretty good for an emotional pregnant lady), but probably only because Mike and Tory didn't. It was actually quite nerve wracking--they found the perfect puppy almost right away but when they went to fill out the adoption paperwork they found that the rescue wanted to actually speak with their landlord to be sure puppies were allowed on the premises. Tory couldn't get her landlord on the phone so we had to leave the puppy there! We were sure someone else would swoop in and take her away. To pass the time until the landlord called we went to the zoo. By 5 O'clock we hadn't heard from the landlord but by some miracle the sweet puppy was still available! Later that night the landlord finally called and Tory was able to make all appropriate arrangements so she could go pick the puppy up the next morning. She's sooo cute!

Tory posted some pictures on facebook (here), but for those of you who don't have facebook profiles or aren't "friends" with Tory here are a few cute ones.

Cats and Sheets

Every time I try to make a bed in this house the cats come running. They're just certain that the only reason I would be throwing sheets in the air is to entertain them. When Olivia was here earlier this month they were in an especially playful mood. We took a few video clips of the two of them.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wet, Happy Dogs

Need I say more? (photos courtesy of Olivia during her Ann Arbor visit)