Monday, February 2, 2009

The Crib

What is it about cats? They seem to have a sixth sense for finding the places that you absolutely DO NOT want them to be and then consistently being there. For example, they like to sit on the computer keyboard while I'm typing. Or when I'm knitting, they insist on laying between my face and my knitting project. At night, of all the warm places on the bed, Leo insists on laying on my pillow with his face buried in my hair. Their latest discovery is that I don't want them laying in the baby's crib. Rambo has been obsessed with the thing ever since it came into the house. We finally shut him out of the bedroom so he would break the habit. Then I bought some netting to put over the crib, thinking it would prevent them from laying in the crib. Apparently the netting by itself is not enough. Sigh.