Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Butter Incident

Last weekend mom came out for a visit. There was a butter incident.

I should preface this story by saying that the cats are on a "diet." To clarify, for a cat, a diet is any amount of food that doesn't distend their stomach to the point that they can't walk. Anyway, since we started their "diets" the cats have been restless in the kitchen. If any food is left out on the counter, they help themselves. For example, the other day I was eating some pecan sandies and I left the package on the counter while I sat at the table reading a magazine. When I turned around I found Leo digging in. I yelled at him and he looked up, quickly reached down and grabbed an ENTIRE cookie, and booked it out of the room. I dove to catch him and had to pry the cookie from his mouth.

Anyway, on sunday mom and I cooked eggs and toast for breakfast. I accidentally left the butter out on the counter when we retired to the living room to enjoy our feast. Of course, it wasn't long before we heard the telltale noises of a cat prowling the counter. Alex ran out to find Rambo licking away at the butter. He quickly shooed him off it and put the butter safely into the microwave (surprisingly, the cats haven't yet figured out how to open the microwave). A few minutes later Alex decided to have more toast and accidentally forgot to put the butter away. Sure enough, a few seconds later we heard the same sneaking sounds emanating from the kitchen. Alex ran into the kitchen to find Leo on the counter having his way with the butter. He saw Alex coming, and in true Leo style, grabbed the stick of butter in his mouth and made a run for it. Alex caught him and tried to get the butter out of his mouth. Well, butter is a little different than a cookie. Let's just say when the encounter was over, both Leo and Alex had butter smeared all over them. I wish I'd gotten a picture of Alex, but he was much faster at cleaning up than Leo. Here are some photos of Leo after the incident. Ella tried really hard to help him clean up, but he wouldn't have it.

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Max comes to Doggie playtime every weekend. He doesn't really care about the other dogs. He wants sticks. He starts collecting them the second he arrives and doesn't stop the whole time. When he finds a new one, he comes galumphing around the crowd of people, wagging his entire body in pride. This weekend he got 6 at once!

Ah, the life of a cat.

I just got back from Doggie playtime to find Rambo lounging on the couch in the sun. He found the perfect nook to wedge himself into.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I decided I hate blinds. You know, those plastic slat kind that cats just love to ruin? No window is safe. Not only do they bend them as they climb through to sit on the windowsill, but they also chew on them in passing, just 'cuz they're in the way. Undoubtedly, the front blinds get the most wear and tear, but even the bedroom blinds get their fare share of traffic. I have photographic evidence of course.

Best Friends...I think

Ella and Rambo love to play (or fight). When they really get going it's quite amusing. So far, I've only been able to capture the lazy play on film.